Vote: Motor City Madman

From the Independant UK

The sub-header,

He owns 350 guns, wants to nuke Iraq and makes his friend George W look like a liberal. Now 1970s heavy metal star Ted Nugent has his sights set on a new target: entering US politics.

While it reads like some sort of minor Hunter S. Thompson romp, it isn’t the unnamed writer/interviewer’s skill, it’s just Ted.

Whomever wrote the subheadline also make a huge mistake. I make George W look like a liberal. Nugent makes him look like a pussy

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2 Responses to Vote: Motor City Madman

  1. DFWMTX says:


    Rock & roll icon: check
    owns guns: check
    unashamed about owning guns: check
    major member of the NRA: check
    Unashamed meat-eater: check
    Unashamed hunter: check
    politics that make George W. look liberal/wimpy: check
    keeps the nuclear option open: check

    Yeah, the Nuge meets most things on the list of things that make foreign liberal journalists wet their pants. Now all that’s needed is for Ted to belong to a mega-church and think two guys making out and having sex is gross, and they’ll REALLY hate him.

  2. Aside from tax cuts and the GWOT, W IS a liberal.

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