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The anonymous gay plaintiff in the San Francisco gun-ban case is named Guy Montag Doe. For those who don’t get it, the name refers to the protagonist of this book. Kudos to Jason Davis of Trutanich-Michel, who came up with … Continue reading

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The Death of TV

is the graveyard of old TV shows. Why do I need cable, when I can just watch old episodes of my favorites on Hulu? They’ve got Rockford, Emergency! (which revealed to me my love of boxes with lots of little … Continue reading

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The Devil Went Down to Georgia

That is how the gun bigots see Heller. And Hot-Lanta is going to have free citizens, come Heller or high water. The nation’s busiest airport dueled with gun rights advocates Tuesday over whether a new Georgia state law allows visitors … Continue reading

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Listen to the woman, man

Ms. Accent, Arianna Huffington, has some advice for Barack Obama: Keep to the Left I, for one, hope he listens to her. McCain may be the Repub’s compromise candidate, but he will at least be electable come October. Whereas the … Continue reading

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He Won’t let anything stand in the way of Utopia

Not even the Bill of Rights Dennis Herrera, City Attorney for San Francisco is moving full speed ahead with the stepping on the civil rights of those who pay for his employment. “I intend to vigorously defend our commonsense City … Continue reading

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I never knew the degree even existed

Alison Link has a Masters Degree in “Recreation and Leisure Studies”. Now, I’m not talking about a degree like the PhD I have in “Sitting on my ass and doing nothing”. I’m telling you that this woman is a doctoral … Continue reading

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It would be a hell of a lot easier

To be angry about having to vote for McCain if I’d quit hearing good stuff about him. (David posted about this below, but I want to say something about this new info) First McCain says he wants 50 nuclear energy … Continue reading

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