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The Soundboard: Eclectica

What with the SCOTUS releasing Heller last Thursday, the prearranged tracks were suspended while we celebrated. But they’re back today. Or at least one of them is. David has a track selection that I don’t own. Nor can I find … Continue reading

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D-Day +7

Well, it has been a week since the Heller decision hit and I have yet to see any blood running in the streets. Though the froth created by the wailing and gnashing of teeth is sort of pink. It looks … Continue reading

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Wakey, Wakey! Eggs and Bakey!

You think we have it bad over here, take a read at how NickM in the UK was awakened this morning It was the phone. Well, the cat had to remove his paw from across my left arm (and looked … Continue reading

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The World According to BANANA’s and CAVE people

All will become clear momentarily. If you read your major dailies over the last couple weeks you’ve read about the BLM shutting down large solar projects. And also the subsequent cries of despair from the fossil fuel denier crowd towards … Continue reading

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It used to be the initials of British Columbia

But now, in the context of speaking of the governing body there, B.C. will forever be known to mean “Batshit Crazy”. A new carbon tax on gasoline rapidly generated plenty of heat among summer visitors and British Columbia residents alike … Continue reading

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