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Recall petitions coming to Denver?

I know that if I were a resident of Denver, CO. that I would be wanting to recall whomever made this decision The committee hosting the Democratic National Convention has used the city’s gas pumps to fill up and apparently … Continue reading

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Never mind the sharp, pointy things

They mean you no harm. Last week I posted about the spiking of Seattle’s Green Lake. I would think the police would want to go and question this Letter to the Editor writer about them Editor, The Times: The hysteria … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/23/08

This is how conversations with terrorists are suppose to go There is an interesting piece of graffiti on a bridge near Basra. A fleeing militiaman has scrawled “We’ll be back”; underneath an Iraqi soldier has scribbled in reply “And we’ll … Continue reading

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Just how soon is England’s next election?

Hopefully soon enough to stop this before it gets started Gordon Brown is to launch the biggest revolution in the way Britons drive since the development of the internal combustion engine. He will meet manufacturers this week to try to … Continue reading

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I was watching the local evening news before going to work yesterday evening and the female teleprompter reader said that “Baghdad” Jim McDermott was proposing a bill that would give “gas stamps” (like food stamps, except these buy gas) to … Continue reading

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