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The “Important Announcement” and “Exciting Offer”

First of all, I’d like to thank all those who came back after seeing the pre-announcement on Thursday/Friday. Please do not confuse the mockery of pomp and fluff for actual pomp and fluff (I will inform you all immediately when … Continue reading

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Imagine that, were no arrests of violent protesters

Likewise, a negative on blood running down the streets. The Chicago pro-civil rights rally at the Thompson Center went off beautifully last Friday. (click to embiggen) Photo borrowed from Jake at Freedom Folks You can see more photos at Freedom … Continue reading

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RNS Conversation of the Day: 07/14/08

The Heartless Libertarian’s wife is an member of the Military police. While on duty a week or so ago, she found a pair of cats Mrs: “They still don’t have names. I thought about Heckler and Koch, or Mosin and … Continue reading

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Well, it’s about damn time

In the past, here at RNS, we’ve noted few examples of judges ignoring all scientific evidence and siding with an environmental group to shut down cattle grazing, or what have you. Oddly enough, it looks as though the logic and … Continue reading

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