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I’m not sure this will be coherent

But I’m so damn pissed off that I’m not sure it matters much. It looks as though Washington DC is playing President Andrew Jackson and stuffing Scalia and Roberts into the role of Chief Justice John Marshall. There is nothing … Continue reading

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13,000-foot Cliff

On Mars. That’s just cool right there.

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They need volunteers

Though, apparently, not this badly The teacher who went to prison and made international headlines for her affair with an underage student has been denied permission to work as a King County poll worker. A spokesperson for King County Elections … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/16/08

Last Friday, Ezra Levant testified in front of the Unites States Congressional Human Rights Caucus. Today’s quote is an excerpt. Canadian human rights commissions, however, are not respectful of the sensitivities of all religions. Less politically correct faiths are regularly … Continue reading

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I’m always hearing

That we need to keep the church out of the state, but rarely hear that we need to keep the state out of the church. Sadly, it looks as though the Britain that used to be Great has heard of … Continue reading

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Only one month to go

Until the moronic convergence that is our local Air America affiliate brings their clowns and troofers to town KPTK announced today they’re bringing some of our favorite progressive syndicated progressive talk show hosts Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Miller,Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, … Continue reading

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Look! Up in the sky!

Duane Lester at the All American Blogger blog took in the Tarkio, MO Air Show over the weekend and has pics. Go for the Apache’s and B-2’s. Stay for the P-51’s and Dauntless’.

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