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What’s the Big Deal?

Lamborghini’s version of the Hummer, with the Countach’s V-12, goes 130, but you pay many dollars for each of those mph. h/t: Instapundit. Hey, I maxed the dial out at 120 in an unmodified 1973 GMC Suburban Cheyenne Super before … Continue reading

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Eight O’Clock In The Morning

Apropos of nothing, I saw last week that John Carpenter’s movie They Live was on, so I recorded it on the DVR and watched it over lunch the last couple of days. One of my favorites, if only because of … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Denied Edition

No, I didn’t forget about it yesterday. I just was really beat and had no motivation for a selection Moving on…. It seems as though Mr. Heller was denied his civil rights by the new rules voted in by the … Continue reading

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Buy a damn safe

Yesterday Uncle posted an email from an anonymous reader who had a pistol stolen. The gun had been sitting in the attic in an unlocked pistol case. There was also another pistol in a locked case next to the pistol … Continue reading

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