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Again with the damn Sage Grouse

WTF is it with this bird? This is the second smart idea that the eco-socialists are killing by using this bird (here is the first). Two conservation groups have asked the federal government to impose new restrictions on oil and … Continue reading

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Never let them know you’re armed

Reynolds had this up at his place yesterday: The untold story of gun confiscation after Katrina Five cases of law enforcement doing “something” instead of the right thing. Watch and Learn

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I’m ready to find out

Over at CATO Unbound, Robert A. Levy asks what comes next, now that Heller has been decided. He goes through the arguments and wonders what regulations will be taken down and which ones will pass judicial scrutiny. If you’re like … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/15/08

When you have to borrow it, you know it’s good Liberty is always dangerous, but it’s the safest thing we have. Bob Geldof – Don’t let “Brave New Britain” remove our fundamental rights And there’s more good words in there … Continue reading

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As if Heller wasn’t enough

There is a new reason to rejoice: Sarah Silverman is back on the market!

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A Must Have

Very cool. “Need” would be a good word here. At 140 pounds, the American-made, $7450 Zero X weighs in about 100 pounds lighter than a typical 250 cc dirt bike. The weight savings come from the green wheelie machine’s diminutive … Continue reading

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He wanted to be the Nutroots’ anti-Iraq War candidate

The Nutroots “support the troops” by wanting to “bring them home”. So why won’t he go visit those he claims to “support”? A coalition of military groups is planning a nationally televised town-hall-style meeting with the presidential candidates near Fort … Continue reading

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