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OMG I’m In Love

…with a website. In their radio show, Squeaky and Ahab mentioned a new blog, Home on the Range. I checked it out, and on the sidebar were books from her library. Library Thing catalogs books in your library online. I’ve … Continue reading

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Join or Die

The Packing Rat has it exactly right. (Love the new Desolation Wilderness banner, btw!) As I said in Battle Cry: Eureka! much of the fight, for the next decade, to smash each and every gun-ban law will take place here … Continue reading

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Senator Bad Ass McCain

…while on a diplomatic mission led by Sen. Bob Dole and others in the fall of 1987. Cochran, McCain — who’d been elected to the Senate the year before — and other members of a bipartisan committee of lawmakers called … Continue reading

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Science Snark

Whack-a-mole, evolution-denier version. The final letter is priceless. h/t:  MadRocketScientist.

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Heller Kitty Shirts, Continued

Just had a very nice phone conversation with Michelle over at www.ImageInMedia.com, the outfit that’s printing up the Heller Kitty shirts. She called me to take my credit card info and shipping address. I asked where they got the design, … Continue reading

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What’s Going Down In California

This post by lead-attorney in the SF-gun-ban case Chuck Michel is too good not to reprint in its entirety. Emphasis is mine. NRA Coalition’s California Plan: The incorporation lawsuits are not the extent of the NRA’s plan nationally, nor is … Continue reading

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You gotta be kidding me

Humiliation: International Monetary Fund to Audit U.S. Financial System and Federal Reserve h/t: Survivalblog

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Lightening it up a bit

What with gas costing what it is, the boys at Top Gear have a tip for us all I do like the R8. But someone with a commute whose route mirrors mine has a DB9 Convertible. And they’ve been driving … Continue reading

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Always with the questions

It is an election year, and with Heller, Washington State Democrat legislators are having to show their constituents that they agree with the decision or face a tough challenge from the Repubs A U.S. Supreme Court decision on a Washington, … Continue reading

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The Best of the Rest

Who’d a thunk it? Usually the black robes are a bit wonkish. The Supreme Court of the United States of America has the highest approval ratings of the three branches of government. The United States Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on … Continue reading

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