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Another lawsuit forthcoming, this one against SF’s “ultra-compact handgun” ban. cialis consultation delivery discount health man cialis cialis forum cialis side eefects low cost generic generic cialis pills effectiveness viagra levitra cialis cheapest generic viagra and cialis pills cat 6 … Continue reading

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Linoge Gets an Education

on shipping ammunition to himself, via UPS. Phil, (and the various Boomershoot gunbloggers under the tent) take note.

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With this list of sponsors

You know it can’t be good Jacki Schechner, minor co-blogger at Jumpin’ John Aravosis’ ineptly named AmericaBlog, is moving on to other things. She probably sees them as bigger and better, but they’re just simply frightening. Health Care for America … Continue reading

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Justice Can Be Slow

But it does eventually get around to its job, as Stefan Sharkansky points out here, Todd McGuire, a bigwig Democrat activist in Jefferson County (think Port Townsend) has finally had felony charges dropped on him for voting on his wife’s … Continue reading

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Everybody, Take Cover

Rumor has it that Mr. BigHopeyChangey will be visiting a NASCAR event. And we all know that that means what will be next on his “I’m just like you gun and religion clinger types” tour, right?

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And the people, they did rejoice!

In 2004, the King County Council passed a new set of land use regulations titled The Critical Areas Ordinance that severely limited what tens of thousands of property owners could do with developing their property. Basically, if you owned between … Continue reading

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A Lack of Reason

In the UK where they have a black hole somewhere near Swindon that seems to suck all the reason out of the country The Government has announced it will review knife sentencing guidelines as police continue to question five people … Continue reading

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