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It’s because I’m Psychic

At this time, I can tell you exactly the findings of Mayor Nckels and Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowski’s Joyce Foundation funded anti-civil rights extravaganza being held today at an unknown location somewhere in Seattle. It mirrors what Mugwug’s neighbors … Continue reading

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Did anyone around here besides myself watch the first episode of the SciFi Channel’s “TinMan” last night? If so, what did you think of it? (my answer is below the fold, along with some pics, so please answer before reading)

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RNS Quote of the Day: 12/03/07

RNS Reader Mariner noticed that last Monday’s QotD was not exactly correct. And because we thrive on being factual here at RNS, I give you the corrected and extended version of the Heinlein quote. When any government, or any church … Continue reading

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A Tie-In

With David’s post “A Taste of Things to Come” Barack Obama was in Harlem last week, paying fealty to Al Sharpton in hopes of getting his endorsement. When asked about the race between HRC and Obama, this is the quote … Continue reading

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I know Halloween is long gone

But do you want to hear something scary? The leftosphere has so invested in failure in Iraq, and infected the Dem controlled Congress with their emotive demand for failure in Iraq that they seriously believe the news coverage of Iraqi … Continue reading

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