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Fred Thompson Gives the Middle Finger to the Media


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And you may ask yourself

Just what in the hell this is? After you take your best guess, you should click this link and go talk to my Rangemaster Pal, Glenn. Btw, that particular triptych was created with the .20 Vartarg, which you can read … Continue reading

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Feeling “Regular”

Not yet, but if David Hazinski has anything to do about it, I’ll be feeling the “Pepto” of modern journalists very soon. You’re beginning to get a lot more news … from you. It ranges from the CNN YouTube debates … Continue reading

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Tossing their SCHIP back at them

By now you’ve probably read just about as many leftist opinions of what and how and why GWB vetoed the latest bastardized version of the SCHIP legislation. But have you read the letter he wrote to the HoRs (pronounced: Whores)? … Continue reading

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Is it possible

For an entire government agency to kiss my ass? If it is, I’d like to start with the high court in Versailles. Amazon.com may not offer free delivery on books in France, the high court in Versailles has ruled. The … Continue reading

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So how’s that government run retirement plan working out?

Make sure you show this to your leftist friends and remind them that if they want their healthcare run like this, all they have to is vote for a Democrat (or Romney). Steadily lengthening delays in the resolution of Social … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 12/17/07

Today’s quote could be sub-categorized under: Head up ass. Full Speed Ahead. But this is supposedly a family blog and we don’t yet have that category. On with the quote, which I found at Joe’s place I am not a … Continue reading

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