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Christmas Comes Early This Year

…because I WON A KNIFE from Last Man Standing Defense! Video here. I’ve lived with my last name for long enough that the moment John Chapman intoned “David… unpronounceable” I knew it was me. And sure enough, an email from … Continue reading

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Get a move on!

Fred’s looking for 2400 donations in 24 hours. It being the Christmas season, and I being flush with more than just Frederalism, I tossed him a Franklin. What are you going to do?

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Take a minute

I know time is tight right about now, holidays and all, but do take a minute a read this post at Big Lizards by Sachi titled “the Men on the Wall”. It is a true tale that includes Hobbits and … Continue reading

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Use it if you’ve got it

Local high school kid finds the classmate occupying the locker next to him is a registered sex offender. Guess who wasn’t notified. Anyone but the school administrators. Guess what happened to the non-registered sex offender Boy suspended for warning students … Continue reading

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