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I have succumb

So this last weekend while scanning the online retailers for anything I may have missed in my Christmas purchases, I ordered every Tolkien/Hobbit/LotR book, map, history, etc. that I could find. Not cheap, but I think very worthwhile. Other than … Continue reading

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Ron Paul is a lying sack of road apples

And I invite the neo-Paulitans of the sphere to convince me otherwise in free and open debate. Last night while eating dinner I watched Ron Paul unabashedly lie to Glenn Beck and the viewers of Beck’s show, such as myself, … Continue reading

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Christmas Thanks

Rob of the SayAnything blog is thankful he is not Canadian One thing I’ve been thinking about as lay convalescing in the hospital is just how rapidly I was able to get what was ailing me treated. Saturday night I … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan is still saving lives

Actually, it’s the warmongering baby-killers that the left believes are dead-enders aboard the USS Ronald Reagan that are doing the life saving Laura Montero never thought her fun cruise to Mexico would end on a U.S. naval carrier surrounded by … Continue reading

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