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It’s On

Huckabee’s Howard Dean-like collapse starts with this. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape…. More here. Just keep scrolling…. Rush: “I have nothing against Mike Huckabee personally, other than he’s for exercise, and I’m not.”

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The Soundboard: Christmas Tunian

You’ll have to give this one some time. About three and a half minutes before it gets hopping. Once in Royal David’s City/The Elf in the Jar – The MCCallans Trust me though, it’ll be worth it.

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Things you probably didn’t know

You and I are still paying the rent for former NOLA residents currently living in Houston, TX. But it will be coming to an end soon. Two years, and these people can’t find jobs? Permanent rental housing? Childcare? Great googly-moogly! … Continue reading

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Shooting the Log

No, not a Yule Log. The T/C Contender affectionately known as “The Log” (the lower gun in the pic) is the gun of a Specialty Pistols member (not me) who goes by the name okiecruffler and has had a couple … Continue reading

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