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Best Gun Story I’ve Ever Read in the Mainstream Media

And it’s about a woman who went through hell and came out with a CCW. And she’s now a Bersa Thunder .380 owner, I might add. h/t Xavier.

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The Soundboard: The Group Dynamic

First, an announcement: Next week there will be a pause in The Group Dynamic posts to make way for the annual RNS Bagpipe Christmas tunage. The Soundboard: TGD will resume the week of New Years with something special. But this … Continue reading

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Some would call it a bitchslap

But I find that description just too friendly. Megan McArdle completes an Atomic Bodyslam on Naomi Wolf and her insipid explanation of the 2nd Amendment. No need for quotes. Just go read.

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Well now

Gonna have to do somehting about this here. RNS reader Darrell, who isn’t even in Washington State, tipped me to this attempted take-away of use of public land planned for tomorrow. From the NRA_ILA The Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission … Continue reading

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Different Light

The duToits have been traveling in Germany, and the Mrs. has an excellent observation on the quality of light — it’s different there than here: …you find yourself here, with the sun creating a light so different from home, and … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 12/06/07

From the Reagan Diaries: Tuesday, October 6 [1981] Most of the days event [sic] cancelled. Awakened at 7:25 by a phone call from Al Haig with news that Anwar Sadat had been shot along with many others. All morning we … Continue reading

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