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I want to spend some time on a subject that some folks are going to roll their eyes at, but it is something that I believe needs to be covered, so I’m gonna ask for participation from you. Yes, you. … Continue reading

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More like them

American eco-socialists demand that we become more environmentally like the Europeans (except for the nuclear energy part) all day and night, and those who resist are called “traitors”. I’ll take that abuse if this is what the Euros are doing … Continue reading

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OK, well that sucked

Don’t know why and I don’t know how, but my connection to this intarweb thingy has been as reliable at getting my posts up as Bush was with vetoing pork-filled budgets in his first 6 years in office. As of … Continue reading

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Tis a Pity He is Irrelevant

Actually, I’m RATher relieved that news anchors no long hold as much sway over the TV watching public as this jackass did, so the post title is untrue. In fact, these days Cronkite is so insignificant, you quite probably were … Continue reading

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