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The Soundboard: 23:57 Music

The track is 4 minutes long, so hitting play with three minutes to go in 2007 should be just about right Enjoy and have a happy New Years celebration. Auld Lang Sine – Laura MacKenzie The Soundboard will return on … Continue reading

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If there is one thing I know about (Bandwidth Blowout)

It’s garbage. Whether its the stuff you set out at your curb for the guys in the trucks to pick up or it is the “science” that constitutes the basis for the shrill whining of the Global Warming Death Cult … Continue reading

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Important Action Alert (Bandwidth Blowout)

That was what the leftards at MyDD would call the blog posts they’d toss up whenever the folks they “got elected” weren’t doing exactly what the leftosphere wanted them to do. It looks as though the Paulistinians have actually perfected … Continue reading

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