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Stop. Read. Enjoy.

Vin Suprynowicz, Libertatian author of Send in the Waco Killers and assistant editorial page editor of the Las Vegas Review Journal, and whose name you Shotgun News readers will probably recognize, asking a very important question: How many more will … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Christmas Tunian

And we’re continuing with our bagpipe Christmas tunage today, and I think everyday between now and Christmas morning (yeah, I know most of you wont stop by that morning, which is probably a good thing, but there’ll be tunage for … Continue reading

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Its Not On

So here I was, all prepared to throw down with some Paul-cultists, but none arrived. At first I thought that I had just chased all the true-believers away before hand, or that they just didn’t want to “waste” their time … Continue reading

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Somebody thinks they’re special

I must have missed this article when if first came out over the weekend, but I caught it in the LttE section yesterday. Apparently, the state run university in north Seattle, otherwise known as the University of Washington, feels that … Continue reading

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