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Got an email from Fred yesterday

And it contained the single best title for a bus tour. Ever. Fred Thompson, the Clear Conservative Choice: Hands Down If you’re in Iowa, here is a link to the dates and times. As always, money is helpful and donations … Continue reading

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Has anyone ever heard of this ass?

So I’m tip-toeing my way through the fever swamp that is The Huff-a-ton Post and I find this bitch-boy named “Kaj Larsen” posting about firearms and his upcoming Current TV special on the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. I use … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to wave and smile

Because Big Brother is watching you and he really hates that. The Insta-Man posted up a couple links on today’s growing “Surveillance Society” yesterday. I thought that you minght find them interesting. Reynolds’ post at Popular Mechanincs And this one, … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 12/18/07

Since I got yesterday’s QotD from Joe, I figured I may as just well make it a twofer. Especially since this one is too excellent to not spread around. You have enemies? Good. that means you’ve stood up for something, … Continue reading

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And the leftists were joyus

I’ll never understand them, I swear. First they bitch about Bush “shredding the Constitution” and now that he has just written a new one and plans to force it through the Legislative Branch, they just can’t get enough of the … Continue reading

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