Say it ain’t so, Fred!

Saith the Hotline:

[Bill] Clinton, in DeWitt, said that he’s had “a lot of dealings” with Rudy Giuliani and that an HRC/Giuliani match-up would “certainly be an interesting pair,” reports NBC/NJ’s Carrie Dann.

The former president said that he knows Fred Thompson well and added, “I used to send him cigars.”

At least, Fred, tell us you didn’t put any of them in your mouth….

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2 Responses to Say it ain’t so, Fred!

  1. GunGeek says:

    For a HRC/Rudy ticket, one of them would have to move out of state, at least on paper. I wonder what all the Dems who griped about Cheney moving out of Texas before the 2000 election would say if that happened…

    From what I’ve heard of Hillary’s unstoppable desire to be pres, I can see her pairing up with Rudy if the two of them don’t get picked by their parties. Like I’ve said before, she’d be better off getting someone that might help her carry one or more of the too close to call states or especially a big electoral state that traditionally goes Republican.

  2. David says:

    I’m pretty sure Bill was talking about a Hillary versus Rudy match, not a Hillary/Rudy ticket.

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