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Cross your fingers

The SCOTUS will decide if they’re accepting arguments on Parker/Heller today. Let us be patient.

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Losers love an echo chamber

David Thompson links to an early post at the uber-leftist site, Liberal Conspiracy, by one Zohra Moosa titled “We Need Our Own Space” I’m a little bit tired of spending so much of my time defending the most basic principles … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/13/07

Rand Simberg asks “Even the BBC has figured out that things are going pretty well in Iraq. How long will it take the Gray Lady and the networks to figure it out?” To which Glenn Reynolds responds “Until there’s a … Continue reading

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Its In Their Pipe Now

But will they gather the balls to light it? If you have a TV you can’t get away from those DividedWeFail.Org commercials with children demanding that candidates “actually fix health care and Social Security” and not just wander around on … Continue reading

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His supporters stand for truth and justice?

Not so much, really. Actually, the majority of Ron Paul supporters either really like Stormfucked (the actual name of the website will not be used on these premises because all those who frequent it need to Sieg Help!), or don’t … Continue reading

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Stop the Lie

I remember verbally beating IndyMidiots over the head for using this lie back in 2004. Don’t tell me that we’re going to have to start doing this all over again! “I want to be a partner, a good partner, to … Continue reading

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