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Stupid Judge Tricks

Dafydd put it best “Federal Judge Declares “Mistrial” Equivalent to “Aquittal”” Apparently, U.S. District Judge Benjamin H. Settle used his sharp as the leading edge of a basketball legal mind to discover a previously unseen conspiracy between the judge and … Continue reading

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Too Stupid To Live

I have a category of posts with the same title, but this guy deserves an entire post. You know sometimes it drives me absolutely bonkers when so-called “journalists” fail to report on obvious, easily-discoverable and CRITICAL facts about current events.The … Continue reading

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Dumb Idea #46379

Ohio officials are thinking way too far “Outside the Box” A controversial bill to require sex offenders to display neon green license plates is making waves between Ohio lawmakers and law enforcement officials, MyFoxCleveland.com reports. Prosecutors, sheriffs and police chiefs … Continue reading

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Be still, my beating heart

And watch as the Dems eat their own! Now, a coalition of progressive Democrats upset with Feinstein’s controversial votes will ask the California Democratic Party to censure her at its executive board meeting this weekend, the Huffington Post has learned. … Continue reading

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Drunks with Guns

No, not those drunks. I’m talking about Mothers Against Drunk Driving saying that that is what the USMC is. They’re in for one hell of a fight A dispute currently pits the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, California, against MADD. … Continue reading

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Imagine That!

Boston and Washington DC are the first cities take away your right to Due Process. Cities eliminate right to contest parking tickets In an attempt to stem the loss of revenue from motorists contesting parking tickets, cities are effectively eliminating … Continue reading

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Belated Veterans’ Day Remembrance — the Jokester

Between college and law school, I worked at a Department of Veterans’ Affairs clinic as a file clerk/receptionist for the Chief Medical Officer of the facility. (I got to take the Oath to preserve, protect & defend the Constitution. That … Continue reading

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