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My Newest

And favoritest cartoon… Perfect Hair Forever Winning quote Can you get this vacuum cleaner to fuck this cake? Sadly, it is no longer part of the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. But I can at least still watch it on You … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: The Group Dynamic

Some folks like the older stuff. Others only like the last album (posers?). Myself, I’m only truly moved when this album is played at full volume. From 1991’s BadMotorFinger Face Pollution And Searching With My Good Eye Closed And now … Continue reading

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An Understatement

Rob at the Say Anything blog was asked why he was a drug addict by his own child after her day of indoctrination at a public school anti-drug program. The other day I picked my daughter up and, while driving … Continue reading

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Even More Examples

As to why the left should never be given charge of our nation’s foreign policy. Pakistan is having some very tough times right now. The media is all over it while ignoring items such as this in the country of … Continue reading

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