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Heller’s On, Baby!

Will the 2008 term will be the Term of the Heller Decision as far as the Supreme Court is concerned? In a word, Yes! The Order is here. The Court records the oral arguments, these days. Can’t wait to hear … Continue reading

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Album of the Year

Yes, I said it. I’m nominating The Dethalbum for Album of the Year. Clearly the best Metal album in the last 4 years, maybe more. Don’t screw around, hit the above link and buy this today. Don’t waste your time, … Continue reading

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The last phrase you ever want to hear

“We’re from the government and we’re here to help you.” That is what Bostonians are hearing this week Police to search for guns in homes Boston police are launching a program that will call upon parents in high-crime neighborhoods to … Continue reading

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Well Fuggit Then

I mean, why even try? Climate changes now “irreversible” UN report claims The United Nations’ Nobel Prize-winning panel on climate change approved the final installment of its landmark report on global warming Friday, concluding that even the best efforts at … Continue reading

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