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The Soundboard: The Group Dynamic

And now we venture from Sitars back to guitars. Most of y’all will remember my review post of the Dethklok Dethalbum last week when I spoke of the suckitude of today’s rock world; well I was serious about that, and … Continue reading

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Last night’s Dog and Pony Show

Also known as the YouTube Debate. Watched it (up to the last 20 minutes) and wondered who was running the show, Anderson Cooper or Chuck Barris. Anyway, liked the gun questions, though I liked the answers even more (because they … Continue reading

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Beyond being an apologist

You simply need to read this post by Johnathon Pearce. He was watching the BBC’s Newsnight program and, well, I simply can’t describe how sick to my stomach I felt after reading his post on the topic they were discussing … Continue reading

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Now that is a heavy long distance charge

I get free long distance from my phone service provider. This guy, not so lucky 150,000 witness North Korea factory boss whose crime was making international phone calls A North Korean factory chief accused of making international phone calls was … Continue reading

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