Last night’s Dog and Pony Show

Also known as the YouTube Debate.

Watched it (up to the last 20 minutes) and wondered who was running the show, Anderson Cooper or Chuck Barris.

Anyway, liked the gun questions, though I liked the answers even more (because they were rather telling).

I agree with Uncle that Fred’s answer shows he knows firearms owners. He wouldn’t as me just as I wouldn’t ask him. I like that. Romney is a putz, and Giuliani is a hoplophobe.

I noticed that CNN couldn’t just plant a Hillary supporter at the Dem debates, they now feel they have to plant one at the Repub debate in order to stay consistent or something.

The morning leftoids on the radio are pissed that Healthcare and the “living wage” issues never came up. ThinkProgress is angry that 5000 people, including apparently Howard Dean and Chris Dodd, didn’t get to ask their question and Grover Norquist did. At least Norquist was identified and his affiliation noted, unlike the Hillary plant. I wonder if CNN would have to Google Dean and Dodd?

All in all, not bad. I just wish Thompson would get some fire in his belly and grab a headline. I’m tired of people asking “Who?” when I answer the “Who are you voting for?” question.

UPDATE: Well, well, well! It looks like CNN got down with their bad selves during the Repub debate.

And I mean “Bad” meaning “Bad” not “Bad” meaning “Good”.

Journey the “When abortion is illegal girl” is actually a stated supporter of John Edwards

“Log Cabin Republican” David Cercone is actually an Obama supporter.

Undecided Mom is a union rep and activist for John Edwards.

Gee Golly, Wally! Just how ignorant is CNN?

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