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The Soundboard: The Group Dynamic

We’re goona switch it up from the past couple weeks and go for the deep funk. It’s been a while since I’ve posted this group up so y’all who haven’t been around for all that long, this should be new. … Continue reading

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To live in instersting times

Co-Counsel on the Parker/Heeler case, Robert A. Levy, gets an Op-Ed he wrote published in the LA Times and makes me hope I remember to check on their Letters to the Editor section in a couple days for the reactions. … Continue reading

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I see that someone was listening

Investors Business Daily runs through Fred Thompson’s plan for Social Security There’s very little gain in this for Thompson politically. He will now take potshots from the AARP and other special interest groups, not to mention those on the left … Continue reading

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Fear: More Beer

A delicious merger took place recently Redhook Ale Brewery of Woodinville plans to merge with Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland to form a new company called Craft Brewers Alliance. It will be headquartered in Portland with management offices in both … Continue reading

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Great Gun Training Post

over at Derek’s place. This is one hell of a good writeup. Go read. What’s also great is that the training outfit is right here in northern California. Sweeeet!

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/15/07

Once again, Instapundit gets the nod November 19th is National Ammo Day: Pick up a box or two. Hey, get some Chinese-made ammo and at least it’ll be something that’s supposed to contain lead! Glenn Reynolds

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