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What say ye?

I’m thinking about this 3.5in suspension lift with an additional 1.5in shackle/spacer lift on 31×10.5×15’s But one of my YJ driving coworkers says to go with a 4.5 in suspension lift on 32×11.5×15’s Yeah, I know, not much actual difference … Continue reading

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Oh yes, it gets worse

A long time ago, in blog terms, I read this article in the Seattle Times about how former Mayor, Norm Rice, chairs a committee that is going to attempt to get housing subsidies for middle class income earners. No, I … Continue reading

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Its over a week old

But I bet you still probably haven’t heard about it. Former Atlantic City Mayor Robert Levy pleads guilty to defrauding U.S. of $25,000 in benefits At his plea hearing, Levy admitted that in January 2003 he submitted an application that … Continue reading

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So now we’ll see

Won’t we? After the loss of Congress for the Repubs in 2006, there were two schools of thought as to why it happened: A. Iraq, Iraq and Iraq B Corruption and Runaway Spending/Pork Personally, I am still in the B … Continue reading

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I already knew this

And that is why I don’t vote for Democrats Biden: Democrats have lost faith in the American people Sen. Joe Biden said in an interview at the New Hampshire Union Leader this afternoon that too many Democrats, including the frontrunners … Continue reading

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We’re running out of oil!

OK, not really. Offshore oil discovery could help make Brazil major petroleum exporter Yes, it’ll take a half dozen years to start grabbing it, but fields such as these are going to be discovered again and again and again while … Continue reading

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