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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/27/07

For those who didn’t bother to read the Dale Amon post after I grabbed the Heinlein quote from it yesterday, maybe this will help you follow the linkage. People who whinge and cry into cameras for The State to ‘protect … Continue reading

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The Days of Our Plates

Rob at the Say Anything blog thinks the owner of this SUV likes watching Liberal heads explode. I tend to agree, though I’d hate to be that guy’s insurer. Speaking of license plates, my selection from the “Personalized License Plate … Continue reading

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Ain’t it nice how they frame it?

Tonight during the YouTube Republican Dog & Pony Show, you may see a video recorded by Pat and Lynn Mulder. Their son, Ryan Skipper, was murdered by men who had absolutely not a care in the world for the life … Continue reading

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Why yes, they are. The leftosphere had a heyday with this vid last week Green Team on FunnyOrDie.com With FireDogLake and HorsesAss being just a couple of the sites that posted it. Little do they know, they are being mocked. … Continue reading

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Must not have been the real deal

A show trial!?! From anti-US leftists!?! How dare I make such an assertion! But that is what it was. French Prosecutors throw out Rumsfeld torture case The Paris prosecutors’ office has dismissed a suit against Donald Rumsfeld accusing the former … Continue reading

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