Daily Archives: November 2, 2007

How I spent yesterday

Every year on our wedding anniversary, the wife and I take the day and attempt find some snow to run around in. Some years we have better luck than others, but we always manage to find the white stuff. This … Continue reading

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I understand

The idea of freedom of speech and all, but I still sometimes get very queasy when I hear how it is being used Here’s another story concerning what appears to be a trend: purported “peace activists” promoting Holocaust denial and … Continue reading

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Oh, That Liberal Media

So you’re a left-wing media organ attempting to enlighten the hordes on an idea whose time has arrived. In your mind, at least. But what to do? You want these peons to think that in order to be accepted by … Continue reading

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NIMBYism at it’s best

The Seattle Woodland Park Zoo has a problem that many other businesses would love to have: Too many customers They have so many customers, in fact, that they cannot find enough parking for them all to visit. Especially on weekends. … Continue reading

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