The Soundboard: The Group Dynamic

And now we venture from Sitars back to guitars.

Most of y’all will remember my review post of the Dethklok Dethalbum last week when I spoke of the suckitude of today’s rock world; well I was serious about that, and now let me expand on that thought.

Today’s rock world sucks so hard that Van Halen, the original line up, would never get a record deal. Maybe, possibly, if they had Hagar in the lead, but definitely not with Diamond Dave. We could have had no major guitar masters since Clapton/Page/Beck and still Eddie Van Halen’s antics would be ignored. Hell, even with the infamous Oasis brother’s tantrums and the press attention it brought, the A&R guys still wouldn’t pay attention to Ed and Alex.

I honestly believe that this is because of the balls out forwardness about women and partying. These guy simply would not be PC enough for radio today. The only way the band would even turn a head would be if Eddie wrote an acoustic tune about how he was comforting his girlfriend because someone hurt her feelings that day at her job. And it would have to have a piano solo.

That is how bad today’s rock world is teh suck.

1984 came out the year before I started Junior High School, and my classmates were just discovering it the following year when we all got our lockers. Not me, I was only three years late in finding Van Halen I. I still remember the discussions The Mom and I would have about Van Halen’s cover of The Kinks and later Roy Orbison. Definitely not her faves.

But she has not to worry about that today. I don’t post album filler.


From Van Halen I

Atomic Punk

And from 1984, some tunage that was a bit of an experiment for the boys

Girl Gone Bad

Too bad they couldn’t keep it together. If this was the direction they were going, the 80’s might not have sucked so horribly and glam metal might have died its appropriate death early.

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3 Responses to The Soundboard: The Group Dynamic

  1. Paul Weir says:

    I remember being in the front row of the Van Halen concert in Seattle in the 1980’when Dave was still there it was a great concert but my ears still remember that day.

  2. Ragin' Dave says:

    Bro, I’m going to send you a CD of a band out of Boston called “Trucker”. You might like them.

    And I’m still formenting that list of songs I want.

  3. Glenn M. Cassel, AMH1(AW), USN, RETIRED says:

    Thanks for making me feel old. I turned the big 30 in Sep 84. Do the math. I actually prefered “Van Hagar” Sammy seemed a bit more mature than Diamond Dave. Montrose days don’t count.
    I agree with you on one thing.The original Van Halen would be a garage band today.

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