Now that is a heavy long distance charge

I get free long distance from my phone service provider.

This guy, not so lucky

150,000 witness North Korea factory boss whose crime was making international phone calls

A North Korean factory chief accused of making international phone calls was executed by a firing squad in a stadium before 150,000 spectators, a South Korean aid group reported.

Public executions had declined since 2000 amid international criticism but have been increasing, targeting officials accused of drug trafficking, embezzlement and other crimes, the Good Friends aid agency said in a report on the North’s human rights.

Can’t he just demand the guy call collect?

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    Hmmm, 150,000 people got to see him shot. That’s a fairly impressive way to die. You don’t ‘spose that Kim Jong Mentalcase just tripped on his Richard here, do you? Guy is a martyr now. He could take lessons from his buddy Thuggo Chavez, who just guns them down in the street, or has his secret police just disappear them.

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