His supporters stand for truth and justice?

Not so much, really.

Actually, the majority of Ron Paul supporters either really like Stormfucked (the actual name of the website will not be used on these premises because all those who frequent it need to Sieg Help!), or don’t like Bush because he A. was involved in September 11th, or B. Is a Christian Socialist.

And in all reality, you almost have to hand it to the Stormers for knowing the true nature of Ron Paul better than those who are just sick of Bush. Because being sick of someone isn’t a good enough reason to support Paul.

Hell, even those against the US being in Iraq can’t even be for Paul anymore, since his latest ads barely even mention his opposition to it.

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4 Responses to His supporters stand for truth and justice?

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Ron Paul is trying to do a Romney-like “re-invent himself” now that he is in his 15-minutes of fame. Unless and until Paul comes out and repudiates the actual nonsense he’s been espousing (just as Lyndon LaRouche espoused it before him, from prison), I could support the hildebeeste sooner than him.

    More interesting, I saw that Huckabee has been rising rapidly through the ranks. If I wanted a diehard Social Conservative, which I don’t, I would much rather get on the Huckabee train.

  2. Ben says:

    Some foreign thieves use Dr. Pauls website to test thier stolen credit cards and you take it as a reflection of his base of support? You support Ron Paul therefore youre a Neo Nazi or suffer from BDS?

    How bout this:

    I support Ron Paul because I’ve been unwillingly conscripted(I’m 25) into financing a whole generations healthcare and retirement to the tune of $50 Trillion; because every four years Americans shuffle into the voting booth to pad their wallets at the expense of future generations; because US “foreign policy” is more accurately described as a “house of cards”; because I favor the dynamic of a States Rights approach over the Monolithic Feds; because I’m tired of our unctuous political class changing with the wind and promising everything to everyone; because I’m tired of special interst groups gorging themselves on public fund; because the dollar is currently circling the drain; because our educatinal system is junk; because none of the other politicians have offered anythig but more of the same… I could go on but you get the point, Ron Paul, to me, represents a fundamental change in the way this country is governed.

    I think our two mainstream parties are two sides of the same statist coin. Bush chucked out a few meager bones to his support base(assault weapons ban, stem cells) but hes been a disaster for those of us with a bent for fiscal responsiblity. What do you think will happen to those meager bones when a Democrat gets elected?

    Perhaps I do have a bit of BDS but I’ll wager that you do to. I know that truthers and stormfuckers have voiced support for Dr. Paul and that is lamentable, but youre wrong to paint us as a bunch of nutters. Mostly we’re just disillusiond with a farcical Establishment for the reasons I outlined above.

    Goodday to you.

  3. Ben says:

    Let me add that I find this post somewhat ironic considering the background of your website, with the Culpepper flag prominent at the top. I dont think youre liable to find a more firm proponent of the U.S. Constitiuion and the Revolutionary Ideals than Ron Paul.

  4. Phil says:

    You’re nothing if not honest, Ben, and I appreciate that. Your reasons are well stated and exactly as I would state them, and I do believe in them.

    However, let me state that Congressman Paul talks a better game than his actions would let on. His stand on the Constitution and “revolutionary ideals” is a false front, which he uses to shield himself to folks when he posts his screeds about how the country has strayed away from being a Christian Nation. The man would force his belief structure on those of us unwilling to accept it in a heartbeat, just as Her Thighness would. I no more welcome his than I do hers.

    I’m also no fan of the two party system and believe many of things you have laid out so very well, and I apologize for seeming to use too broad a brush in my attempt to be succinct.

    However, a candidate is tied to his past and Paul has some very questionable ties back there, just as Kerry did to the Winter Soldiers. Unfortunately for Paul, his are far worse because they tend to go nearly directly to folks such as the Stormfuckers. I also notice that he isn’t exactly making an attempt to discourage the Troofers or the Stormfuckers from being his most vocal supporters or to even turn them or their $$$ away.

    A candidate is also tied to his supporters, and history shows that candidates tend to bend to the will of said supporters after achieving office. That would be rather frightening in Paul’s case because of the above stated ties.

    To put it frankly, I don’t believe the hype about the man and I think he still believes the things he wrote about in his “Newsletters” that he is now hoping mainstream America will forget about.

    Is having him included in the current debate refreshing: Yes and no. He does tend to make the so-called “moderates” have to lean further to the right to not seem too far to the left, but he also tends to be a huge distraction when the media point out his past writings and use them to paint anyone unsupportive of a Democrat as a possible racist.

    I have often stated that if the current Republican Party would test the waters they would find that there were far more Constitutionally minded individuals than there are fundamentalist Christians out there hoping to find someone to vote for. We had those discussions many times here during the last Presidential go-around.

    However, the Republican Party doesn’t seem to want to listen to me on this topic and keeps going after the Christian Socialist’s (aka: Compassionate Conservatives) vote.

    Which is one other reasons I’m glad for Paul’s entrance into the race. While he does appeal to the more hardline Christian right, he is also bringing many Constitutionally minded individuals into the pool of potential Republican voters. Hopefully they will notice and dump the theocrats.

    But other than that, the man is an unelectable distraction with questionable morals and Constitutional mettle whom I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost his current seat now that his laundry is out for his constituents to see.

    Oh, and as for the “testing of the credit cards” while I don’t frequent his site, I haven’t heard any word of the money being refused/handed back and his totals adjusted.

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