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RNS Quote of the Day

The American philosophy of the Rights of Man was never grasped fully by European intellectuals. Europe’s predominant idea of emancipation consisted of changing the concept of man as a slave of the absolute state embodied by a king, to the … Continue reading

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The Big Letdown

Hello everyone, Professor Booty here. I know I was supposed to be here yesterday, but you know how it goes on holiday weekends. Please excuse me while I get longwinded. A couple months ago I had to take a leave … Continue reading

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The Day After

We’re gonna keep it short today. Craig is hard at work and everything I put here has to be moved over to the new place. So as to lessen his work load, this’ll be it for today and The Professor … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

You shouldn’t really be here today, but since you are, I’ll give you something to process through your synapses. To start, I am thankful for the Analog Wife, who puts up with me occasionally yelling at this here 21st century … Continue reading

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Don’t mind our dust

This post will stay at the top for this week. Please scroll down for new posts. There will be some changes happening here at RNS during the next week or so. I am fully aware that the TypeKey comment program … Continue reading

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The Leader of the Pack

Local Seattle area blogger and hypocrite, Goldy of RonSimsAss.Org, who believes that election corruption is a good thing, so long as A) It is only just a little bit of corruption, and B) Said elections office is run by Democrats, … Continue reading

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How Mao?

In India, the schools are being threatened to use a certain set of text books. But not by the usual set from the so-called ‘Religion of Peace’, The Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) has sent letters to primary school teachers … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

Progress cannot be achieved by forced privations, by squeezing a ‘Social Surplus’ out of starving victims. Progress can come only out of individual surplus, i.e., from the work, the energy, the creative over abundance of those men whose ability produces … Continue reading

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Winning Versus Losing

In what I believe to be one of the best articles against the whole ‘Withdrawl From Iraq’ argument from this country’s (D)efeatist (D)emocrats are waging, Ralph Peters tells us exactly what we would have to do to lose the war … Continue reading

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Playing the press

Back with some more info on the weekend happening at the Tacoma Mall. To start, it has been released that Maldonado called the local 911 call center on his cell phone right before entering the mall and opening fire. After … Continue reading

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