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The Soundboard: Make Up Day

I was fully intentioned to pop in and post a quick music post last Thursday, but in my withdrawals I forgetted. Seeing as how I have what seems to be three or four voices in my head telling me what … Continue reading

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They’re Baack

OK, it’s actually just me, although I’m feeling like I have multiple personalities right now. You see, I spent most of last week either nose deep in any book that was nearby or asleep because I was using the downtime … Continue reading

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Practice, practice, practice!

One problem I faced this year in practicing for Boomershoot was the dearth of 200-yard-plus shooting ranges in the San Francisco Bay Area. Next year, if I’m going to be at all confident about shooting Boomershoot with a handgun, I’ll … Continue reading

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Boomershoot with a Handgun

I’ve posted here, here and here about shooting long-range targets with a specialty pistol. I intend to put myself to the test next Spring by trying to connect on some boomers at Boomershoot. I mentioned before that there are some … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

In mankind’s history, the understanding of the government’s proper function is a very recent achievement: it is only two hundred years old and it dates from the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution. Not only did they identify the nature … Continue reading

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