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Project Valour-IT Blog Challenge

I’m taking advantage of the nice soapbox provided here by AnalogKid to spread the word about the Blog Challenge for Project Valour-IT!! Project Valour-IT is one of the many good things organized by the Soldiers’ Angels group. These folks do … Continue reading

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Droll, C-SPAN, very droll

On C-SPAN 3 (which we don’t get on our cable system, more’s the pity) at 2:40 am EST, they’re running a 2001 Congressional hearing on presidential pardons. Headline testify-er? I. Lewis Libby. Ah well, he’s pleading not guilty, so presumably … Continue reading

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Specialty Pistols

Earlier, I posted about Don Bower and his one-man crusade to extend long-range handgun accuracy to unheard-of distances. Well, the guru has his disciples! And they’re still out there, teaching novices to split bullets on angle irons at 660 yards! … Continue reading

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Flu Pandemic Plan Problem

Rivrdog has an analysis of the Feds’ anti-pandemic plan announced recently, and points out its fatal flaw….

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Quote of the Day

The Proper functions of a government fall into three broad categories, all of them involving the issues of physical force and the protection of man’s rights: The Police, to protect men from criminals – The Armed Services, to protect men … Continue reading

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