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The Holiday Season

Tomorrow is National Ammo Day But you already knew this, right? Anyway, you know the drill: Buy a minimum of 100rnds of ammo and have a good time doing it. And if you’re up for a really good time, be … Continue reading

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Eastbound and Down

Any balls I may have attributed to Bush gathering up on the domestic front disappeared into his deficit on the international front. South Korea Plans to Withdraw One-Third of Troops From Iraq This isn’t set in stone yet, but in … Continue reading

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They may be teachers

But they’ll never learn. To be able to graduate from the public school system here in Washington State, you need to pass a series of tests we call the WASL (Washington Assessment of Student Learning) before you finish your senior … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

In regard to political economy, this requires special emphasis: man has to work and produce in order to support his life. He has to support his life by his own effort and by the guidance of his own mind. If … Continue reading

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Where the WMDs Went

Great interview of former UNSCOM inspector Bill Tierney, in which, among other things, he explains how the Iraqis routinely ran off with incriminating documents under the noses of the inspection teams:

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