Eastbound and Down

Any balls I may have attributed to Bush gathering up on the domestic front disappeared into his deficit on the international front.

South Korea Plans to Withdraw One-Third of Troops From Iraq

This isn’t set in stone yet, but in his military appropriations request next year, Roh is going to sell this plan to his legislature and it’ll probably happen.

Unless a message is sent.

You leave us and we will reciprocate.

What exactly are we doing in South Korea other than representing the tripwire for a growingly ungrateful population? We have what, a total of 28 or so bases there? Do we really need them all?

How about this, we take one-third of our soldiers out of those bases and see what Roh wants to do?

Let’s see, that would be Camp Gary Owen, Camp Page, Camp Giant, Camp Castle, Camp Bonifas, Camp Hovey, Camp Nimble, Camp Greaves and Camp Casey (not Sheehan’s farce, the real one).

So we now have seven to eight thousand troops not doing anthing because they’ve been magically freed up. What to do with them? I know, give them three months off and then rotate them to where the Koreans left.

Oh, and we’ll have to do it during the winter so that the South Koreans can watch their wargames go to hell while their border is a solid mass and easily crossed from the north.

Problem solved.

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