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Give a big warm welcome

To the newest member of the RNS crew, David. He did such a damn fine job while I was away last week that I extended an offer of staying on here and he was kind enough to accept. So make … Continue reading

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Have Gun, Will Travel

Say Uncle links to a poll taken of firearms owners in the Gun Law News which asks which direction should the pro-2A groups head next. The Results: Nationwide CCW Reciprocity 43.5% Repeal of NFA 34 28.4% Repeal of ’sporting use’ … Continue reading

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Choose and Lose: The Day After

Before I get into my voting kerfuffle, Stefan Sharkansky of Sound Politics has a tale to tell that I fear is all too typical of voting in King County. He was working as a Provisional Ballot Judge at his local … Continue reading

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Choose and Lose: The Results

Well, the results are forging their way in from yesterday’s election here in Washington. Let’s run it down again. If you missed yesterday’s post explaining the issues and people, they’re right here.

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RNS Quote of the Day

The nature of the laws proper to a free society and the source of its government’s authority are both to be derived from the nature and purpose of a proper government. The basic principle of both is indicated in The … Continue reading

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