Choose and Lose: The Results

Well, the results are forging their way in from yesterday’s election here in Washington.

Let’s run it down again. If you missed yesterday’s post explaining the issues and people, they’re right here.

I-900 the measure to give the State Auditor some teeth is passing easily with 57% in favor.

I-901 the anti-indoor smoking initiative is winning even bigger than 900 with a nearly 63% in favor.

I-912 is surprisingly losing. The measure that would repeal a usury level gas tax is currently trailing with only 47% voting in favor.

Both I-330 and I-336, the deeply flawed medical malpractice initiatives are dying quick, painless deaths.

King County Prop 1 that uses veterans to get the county more money to waste on flophouses has fooled a good number of people and is passing with over 60%.

SJR 8207, the Constitutional Amendment to give the state judges a say in who sits on their advisory board has passed with a 2/3 majority. Time to watch those guys now as well as the pols.

Ron ‘Tax to the Max’ Sims, the guy who created the clusterfuck that is the King County Elections Board has been re-elected over the better man, Irons. What can I say, the guy can negative campaign his ass off.

And last, but certainly not least, the “Ladder Cop�, Sue Rahr, has also won with what looks to be 75% of the votes. There goes my hopes of every getting my Class III weapons paperwork approved in this county. Hell, I’ll be lucky to even get it set on a desk and forgotten about.

And that is it. It’s pretty sad, but there is always 2006.

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1 Response to Choose and Lose: The Results

  1. David says:

    Yup, all of Arnold’s propositions were resoundingly defeated, so it’s pretty sad down here too.

    The dems are making nice, saying they’re “not gloating” and “willing to work with the Governor to fix the state’s problems,” which means that they’re just going to try to ram higher taxes down his throat next year.

    We’ll see just how Arnold deals with this one….

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