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Ammo Day in the SF Bay

For this, my first National Ammo Day, at the appointed hour of 1330, I went to Wally World here in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area. I didn’t see any good firearms-type films that I really wanted to purchase, so … Continue reading

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National Ammo Day Gun Post

I’ve got my alarm set for noon so that I can head off to Wally World and buy my ammo. The reasons for all this Wal-Mart talk are right here, btw. But what I really want to know is if … Continue reading

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I Call Bullshit

After the Repubs told the Dems to put up or shut up on the subject of pulling out of Iraq last night, and the subsequent whimper from the Dems, I’m hoping this crap will die off. Did I mention that … Continue reading

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When the wife told me about this

Police Search for Gary Glitter in Vietnam Authorities said Thursday they are searching for former British rock star Gary Glitter over his alleged relationship with a Vietnamese teenager. My first thought was “How the hell do you lose Gary Glitter … Continue reading

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It’s Funny Because It’s True

Found at LGF

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Professor Booty here, with some quick reporting from my undisclosed location somewhere in Italy. Why Italy, you may ask; because I needed to pick up some very special wine for a Thanksgiving party I’m going to. But Professor, why not … Continue reading

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