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T Minus 7

Days left until National Ammo Day Make your plans early so that you don’t get there too late and they’re all out and you’re stuck with no ammo on Ammo Day! And don’t forget to stop by the Carnival of … Continue reading

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I put the duct tape across his mouth

And then rip it off really fast to show him that I think he’s an idiot Well, earlier this week, Pat Robertson said something stupid, as Pat Robertson is wont to do. Something about the city of Dover rejecting G*d … Continue reading

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An Offer The Kid Can’t Refuse.

Well now, it seems that The Kid has pissed someone off. Being a Professor in Keisterology for the past couple decades, I’ve had to deal with angry people in my past as well. They’re usually boyfriends, husbands, brothers, etc. not … Continue reading

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Boots-on-the-ground-view Sitrep

Mr. Completely links to a Marine’s very complete and informative rundown of what’s going on Over There. Update: also posted, in handy Word format (it’s a long report) by Rivrdog.

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