I put the duct tape across his mouth

And then rip it off really fast to show him that I think he’s an idiot

Well, earlier this week, Pat Robertson said something stupid, as Pat Robertson is wont to do. Something about the city of Dover rejecting G*d and not needing to worry about giving him a jingle if The Big Smitedown happens, or some such nonsense.

I always thought that the Christian G*d was a forgiving deity, ready to help the helpless and asking nothing in return, but I could be wrong. I’m no bible scholar, but that was just the vibe I got about the peeping tom in the clouds.

And of course, the left is going nuts about how ‘Robertson has a hotline into the oval office’ and yada, yada, yada.

If two wrongs don’t make a right, why is it that the left goes and says stupid shit shortly after Robertson does?

Also, when I would hear this story on the top of the hour news on the radio, I kept being told that Robertson was “a former Republican Presidential candidate�. Even Fox News felt the need to remind me of that embarrassment.

So, I guess that the next time I hear of Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton doing or saying something ignorant, I will hear that they are former Democrat Presidential candidates, right?

Yeah, I know; dream on, kid.

Robertson supposedly has a million viewers to his ‘All G*d, All the Time’ network. Do you know why he doesn’t have a million and a half? Because he says stupid shit like he did about the Dover School Board.

And if 20% of the voting public is part of the ‘Far-Right Extremist Group’ that the left is so fond of using as a bogeyman, why doesn’t Robertson have 10 million viewers?

I’ll tell you why: because they don’t exist.

It’s not like these ideological whackjobs can’t get fucking cable. Shit, if the Unibomber wanted cable, he could have gotten it pumped straight into his 10×10 cabin.

You have a very small group (1 million is a small number, nationally) of tweaked individuals who are followers, not leaders, and will vote in whatever way their personification of G*d (also called the Keymaster to Heaven) tells them to and are extremely vocal. But they are not a majority in any sense of the word.

Yet the Republican Party has been Sergeant York’d by these people for the past couple decades, made to believe that they are ten times their actual strength and willing to listen to them on matters of domestic policy. This has led to the Dems being able to use those York’d numbers as a fright wig to scare up votes and money for their camp, all free of charge, thanks to a gullible Republican Party.

The numbers game was helped by the infiltration of Robertson types into the Repub party in the early 80’s while Reagan was distracted with his main goal of trying to crush the Ruskies. To his credit and with my thanks, he succeeded in his main goal but didn’t remember to lock the cellar door, and by the end of his term we had full-on Hallelujah going in the Repub campaigns and even some in the Congress.

I guess what I’m getting at is that same old thing I’m always trying to push when it comes to the Repub Party: That there are more Fiscal Conservatives in the Republican Party than there are hardcore Social Conservatives and I would offer up an ratio of 3 to 1, respectively on that.

What the small ‘L’ libertarians, or as I like to call myself, URL’s (Unapologetic Republican Libertarians) need to do is find a way to let our voices be heard in a way that will squeeze the Bush Administration’s (and the 2008 Presidential candidate’s) by the nuts. Unfortunately, I don’t know what this would be. Remember, I just make sure the trash gets picked up, I don’t make policy decisions.

One of the first suggestions I would make is that we need to stop farting around with the lame ‘Libertarian Party’ and ‘Constitution Party’ and any other third party political organization that splits fiscal conservatives. If you remember the party of Kennedy and Scoop Jackson and then remember how the Democratic Socialists took it over in the late 60’s/early 70’s until it became the party of McGovern or, like I mentioned above how the strict Social Conservative grabbed their foothold in the Repub party, that is what I think WE need to start doing to the Repub party.

About the only other thing I can think of is a signal vote in the 06 mid-terms, but I don’t think we can risk losing either the Senate or the House to the Democratic Socialists for even a second. They’d start up their ‘Cut the War Funding’ crap and leave the people of Iraq in the same bind they left the people of Vietnam in heartbeat so as to get their socialist domestic agenda back on the front burner (you do know that that is the real reason they hate our killing of terrorists, right?).

So, if you have any ideas, drop me a note and we’ll talk amongst ourselves.

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