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Sick as a dog

In general, I don’t like children, which is why I don’t have any. Sure, some of them are fine little people, but the majority of the little buggers are straight up monsters whose parents treat them as pets. My house … Continue reading

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From the Black Sea, With Love

That’ll be how some of the members of the US military will be signing their letters home in the next decade if this goes through, Romania and the United States have agreed to a deal to establish American military bases … Continue reading

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It’s Not Funny, But It’s True

Found at Knowledge is Power where they are having a problem with the permalinks. Personally, I think that it was the Headmistress’ shower with TUA that wonked the the system.

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You don’t always get what you pay for

Read this and let it sink in, A divided U.N. General Assembly committee approved a resolution Thursday expressing “serious concern” about reports of widespread human rights violations in North Korea. The vote on the resolution, sponsored by the European Union, … Continue reading

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The Joys of Socialized Medicine: Part #6576

Got a bum knee and a little pudge around the middle? How about a big ass that didn’t provide enough padding when you fell and ended up breaking your hip due to the onset of osteoperosis? Well then, you are … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

The American philosophy of the Rights of Man was never grasped fully by European intellectuals. Europe’s predominant idea of emancipation consisted of changing the concept of man as a slave of the absolute state embodied by a king, to the … Continue reading

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