The Joys of Socialized Medicine: Part #6576

Got a bum knee and a little pudge around the middle?

How about a big ass that didn’t provide enough padding when you fell and ended up breaking your hip due to the onset of osteoperosis?

Well then, you are a heathen piece of shit who deserves to suffer. At least according to the people who have your best interest in mind from the UK’s National Health Service in East Suffolk.

Fat people will no longer be given hip and knee replacements on the NHS in East Suffolk. GPs and consultants have agreed not to refer anyone classed as obese to a specialist until they have lost weight to help to save the area’s primary care trusts £47.9 million.

A team of GPs and senior consultants from Ipswich Hospital spent nine months investigating ways to address the trusts’ financial problems and drew up a list of criteria that must be met before treatment for conditions such as varicose veins and glue ear.

The truly battering irony here being that, if you have injured your hips or knees, you are now, at best, wheelchair mobile and cannot exercise to lose the weight. Hope you like those starvation diets!

Remember, no matter how much of your tax money goes into the bucket for these ‘Free’ services, the bean counters in the administrative offices are the ones that decide who gets what.

Never, ever, trust a bean counter to have your best interest in mind.

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