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Gen. Peter Pace

Well, I didn’t know this, but Rivrdog informs us all that today is the birthday of the Marine Corps. Happy Birthday, USMC! Thanks to the magic of my DVR, I sat down today over lunch to watch Monday’s excellent NewsHour … Continue reading

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Talking Merde

I have been doing my best to not delve into the realm of schadefrunede on the topic of the Francallujian riots, but two weeks of holding back is about all I can handle. So here are a couple quick thoughts … Continue reading

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Choose and Loose: The Second Day After

Well, other than the magnum load of gloating and condescension from local Dems resulting from their wins at the polls on Tuesday, life is returning to its normal slog here in the Seattle/King County area. Listen carefully and you can … Continue reading

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I am shocked!

Shocked I tell you, that Jerry the Geek was able to find such a blatant example of gay bashing on the campus of a Pacific Northwest University campus.

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The Soundboard: Review

On Monday I made up for the fact that I missed posting tunage last week. Freddyboomboom stopped on by and left a cool link in the comments to what I like to call “An Utter Freakoutâ€? that you should really … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

In accordance with the choice of the majority of the citizenry of San Francisco to voluntarily disarm themselves in their own homes….. Man’s rights can be violated only by the use of physical force. It is only by means of … Continue reading

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Information Please

Well, the voting’s done, so the silly season is now over. Time to get back to the serious stuff. I’ve read AK’s By Ourselves, For Ourselves series with interest, as well as Rivrdog’s Paratus blog, and I’m wondering if either … Continue reading

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