Sick as a dog

In general, I don’t like children, which is why I don’t have any. Sure, some of them are fine little people, but the majority of the little buggers are straight up monsters whose parents treat them as pets.

My house is not “kid proofâ€?. When I heard that my brother-in-law and his family (including 4 kids) were coming out to visit, I spent a week locking stuff down and putting stuff up, and I know these kids and they’re quite well behaved. If I didn’t like them, I’d have left my sharp objects randomly lying about and made the parents pay to clean my carpets afterwards.

Yet it is during the holidays that I am exposed to the children of strangers, because there is no one stranger than my relatives.

And it is always during the holidays that I catch some sort of freakish bug from the ankle biting little Typhoid Marys that will knock me out for close to a week, as it is now.

If I ever wanted to know what it felt like to be a fish out of water, I now know. I can’t sleep because I can’t breath without waking myself up, I didn’t notice that I hadn’t eaten for 18 hours yesterday and all I can do is be thankful I quit smoking at the beginning of this month, otherwise I’d be a real bear to deal with because I think that for me to have a cigarette right now would be to go into total vapor lock.

So if I don’t pop in very frequently over the next couple days, just picture me buried in empty Kleenex boxes and Nyquil bottles. Daivd will be by a couple times int he next couple days, having found blogging material over this weekend.

Craig is still working on the new site, there being an oddity happening when the three years of archives were imported over. I’ve picked a very nice template that he is customizing for RNS use and it should take care of any margin issues we may have had in the past.

So stay safe and, unlike myself, stay healthy.

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