Specialty Pistols

Earlier, I posted about Don Bower and his one-man crusade to extend long-range handgun accuracy to unheard-of distances.

Well, the guru has his disciples! And they’re still out there, teaching novices to split bullets on angle irons at 660 yards!

Here’s what they do it with.

My earlier post had a teaser of an essential part of the rig:

Copy of Bower Rest.jpg

Well, here’s the rest of it:

Bower grip and forend.jpg

The Bower-style rest has a forend base adjustable for elevation, and incorporates sandpaper-covered surfaces to lock in the grip and forend. The forend and grip have flattened surfaces also covered in sandpaper. The whole thing should allow you to lock the firearm in with a rock-solid connection between rest and handgun, so the shooter can be “taken out of the equation” as much as possible.

Here’s an example of how it all looks put together:

Belm 222 Mag Imp with Bower forend on Bower rest.jpg

(And no, this beauty isn’t mine: it’s a Mike Bellm-produced .222 Mag Improved, for those who are interested.)

Now what can you do with such a thing? Yep, among other things, you can split bullets on angle irons at 660 yards!

More on that next time… until then, here’s a not-unrelated link to whet your appetite….


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