Sunday Gun Post

Once again, with another good rifle deal.

Perhaps you have heard of the Schmidt Rubin rifle from Switzerland? They�re bolt action rifles with a unique straight pull type bolt.


As with most things from Switzerland, they�re finely made, reliable, have an immaculate attention to detail and are very accurate.

At AIM Surplus, they�re also dirt f*cking cheap.

$79.95 each + $10 for handpicked

A 6rnd detachable box magazine that can also be fed by stripper clips, excellent sights and that wonderful straight pull bolt, you just can�t go wrong.

And as Kim du Toit stated in this Gratuitous Gun Post, �I�ve never spoken to anyone who�s regretted buying a Schmidt-Rubin.�

The only real downside to these rifles is the caliber they�re chambered in, 7.5×55. The caliber itself is excellent, but it usually runs $25-30 a box.

Not at AIM though,

$22.95 for a 60rnd pack of FMJ ammo.

When I finally have all my accessories for the Boomershoot together, I will be buying at least one, probably two, of these rifles and at least one, probably two, of the 480rnd battlepacks of ammo ($168) per gun.

You should too.

Even with a 25% dealer fee added to the price of the rifle, they�re still only $100 for a rifle that will probably shoot as accurately, if not more so, as a factory Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Savage, etc.

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  1. Gerry says:

    When you get your K31 pull the buttplate. Many have a tag with the name, address and other data of the Swiss who was issued the rifle. Some folks at various Milsurp forums have written to these men and received replies. The replies are very friendly and the men seem to appreciate how much Americans enjoy their old rifles.


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Sunday Gun Post

Made it through another Saturday evening. And for those playing, here is another snippet of my Boomershoot rifle (full pic to be disclosed Monday).


And in my cataloging yesterday, I found something y’all might be interested in getting (or making yourself, if you’re able).


You can look at it here.

Even the Analog Wife seems to like this idea. Though she’d have to move a rack of her candles so as to not light the coats on fire. When/if we get it, I’ll feature/demonstrate it here.

Have a good Sunday and we’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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  1. pedro says:

    Ooooh, gun carpentry. Why didn’t I think of that? I owe a guy a gun case, and I was stumped on a design. I think I’m going to use your idea for him. The guy I owe wants the case for his son as a gift, but his son doesn’t give a crap about guns, nor does son’s wife. So this will be perfect — the dad will be happy, and the son will have something useful after he sticks the old bolt action shotgun in a closet.

  2. Kirk says:

    Looking good…

    Only one problem. The bolt is on the wrong way round…

    I will have to get some pics of my boomer shoot rifle up soon.

    It too is sans scope at the moment.

    Which scope are you looking at by the way???


  3. AnalogKid says:

    Negaitve Kirk, look for the flat spot on the bottom of the back of the bolt.

    As for glass, I picked this up last week and delivered it to the mith on Friday.

    I’m currently re-ordering rings and bases. the smith didn’t like the limited adjustment in the bases and the rings were too short. I needed extra-high instead just of just high.

    Let me know what you pick up for glassware.

  4. Sid Pistol says:

    Cute stuff AnalogKid.

    By the time they come to your door you get to use your nice rifle once. Then you go to prison.

    You, your culture. and your country, are under assualt from many different forces. They think that you/we are stupid.
    Guns, flag waving pick up trucks, and beer, will not save the West. Don’t put too much faith in Republicans either.
    Make a point of showing up at “Peace” rally’s. Be prepared to get a bloody nose. Be prepared to give one. Write letters/emails to your local and national government.
    Wherever the enemy is, you be there too.

    I live in Los Angeles and have been fighting them for some time now. We are still a silent majority but we are rising nationwide. We are angry, and we are moving.

    In the i960’s one of the grandfathers of cultural chaos, Timothy Leary, told young kids to “turn on, tune in, and drop out”

    For you,

    “Get involved, get organized, and get pissed”

  5. AnalogKid says:

    Sid, your volatility is useless here.

    Even the common ding-dong knows that a bolt action rifle is not the firearm to answer a door with, under any circumstances.

    By the time �they� come to my door, IF I am here and IF there are any firearms still here, it wouldn�t be this gun I�d go there with.

    And BTW, if you come to the door w/a firearm when �they� arrive, you don�t go to jail, you go the morgue.

    Get real or get out.

    As for your �You, your culture. and your country, are under assault� smack, all I have to say is Duh!

    When did you figure this out, bubba? �For some time now� isn�t a good indicator of anything but a lukewarm generalization.

    And finally, as for your �Get involved, get organized, and get pissed� how about this�.

    �Been involved, been organized, got over being pissed and started getting tired of newbie alarmist wannabes like yourself, Sid.�

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Come back with a little less attitude and we can talk.

    Until then, my SHTF squad can kill your SHTF squad.

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